Air Quality Assessment

Our Air Quality Assessments are tailored to the local planning requirements and the setting of each site. We discuss the requirement with the local planning authority and deliver an air quality assessment report which is relevant to the site and environment.

Because we are an experienced team of consultants & engineers, we understand the commercial impacts of Air Quality Assessments and can provide guidance on site layout, building design and utility equipment choices to provide a cost effective solution.

The air quality of a location has the potential to impact the local environment in a number of ways. Critically, human health and biodiversity of plants and wildlife. Because of this it is necessary to closely monitor and assess the UK’s emissions in order to comply with our international and local obligations. In addition, most local authorities now require odour and dust do be considered at the planning stages.

Local Planning Authorities are usually concerned about Nitrogen Dioxide and Particulates in the air. Additionally, we are able to consider other pollutants, such as hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide where required.

Air quality for small developments

It is not normally required to have on-site measurements and so the report is based on existing air quality monitoring data from the local authority. Air pollution modeling is provided using known background concentrations for the area in conjunction with road traffic flow statistics.

air quality assessment