Energy Statements

Our Energy Statement service provides the following for one fee.

  • A review of your local planning policies and conditions.
  • Produce your energy statement to meet the requirements of your local planning office.
  • All the required SAP and SBEM calculations needed to produce your energy statement.
  • Specifications for any required renewable technologies.
  • Aftercare and consultancy to ensure your project gains compliance.

What is an energy statement?

An energy statement is a report which informs you of the anticipated co2 emissions of a proposed development. 
Your local planning authority will have their own energy strategy for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. They will expect local developments to comply with this.
Within the local strategy there will be a requirement to achieve a reduction beyond what is needed for building regulations.

The London Plan

As an example, In London, they have a city wide obligation for all new developments to achieve zero carbon status.  Zero carbon relates to a 100% reduction on building regulations compliance. This can be achieved by on site and off site reductions.  Off site reductions can be satisfied through a payment in lieu, with the payments being invested into local projects.

Local Energy Targets

Your local planning department will ask you to have an energy statement carried out. This is to ensure the site achieves the specified targets set out in the planning application.
Pro-active developers can work with our energy assessors when carrying out the SAP calculations for the site. This allows much more influence on the most feasible options to satisfy the planning obligation.
The resulting report will consider the most energy efficient and cost effective solutions for the development including renewable or low-carbon technology.
The inclusion of renewable technology will further enhance the predicted energy rating of the development. This can potentially reduce the energy demand from grid supplied electricity.

The best approach to energy conservation in construction

The easiest path to building compliance is to ensure that you have a coherent energy strategy. The earlier in the development that this can be done, the better. As with SAP calculations, it is important to give yourself time to evaluate all options and not leave yourself short. If left too late, the only options available to you may be considerably more expensive.

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The energy statements that we produce are a vital working document that can guide and inform decision making, enable cost analysis and help with progression through the planning process. We will research your projects’ requirements, engage with your planning department and understand local policy before we issue our proposal. Early stage SAP assessment and SBEM calculations are often advisable to help ensure the energy statement process runs smoothly.