Sap Calculations & EPC

Everything you need for any domestic project, including new builds, extensions and conversions.

Our team of highly experienced Energy Assessors can provide everything required by local building control and planning.

Our domestic energy assessors will review your plans and specifications for the project in order to produce a design SAP. They will then recommend improvements to meet local energy efficiency requirements.

When the project is complete we use the finalised details to produce the As Built Sap. This can then be used to produce the EPC. Energy Performance Certificate.

What is a design stage sap?

Sap stands for Standard Assessment Procedure. It is the approved method for calculating a building’s energy efficiency for UK building regulations. A Design Stage Sap is produced by the Sap Assessor. They do this by reviewing plans and drawings for the site. They also take into account the details from the building design specification. The information allows them to calculate the energy performance of the finished building. This is also known as a predicted energy assessment.

What is an ‘as built’ sap?

As Built Sap bridges the gap between the design of the building on paper and the finished structure. Details from the design stage Sap are updated to reflect the finished building. An As-Built Sap must be completed before the energy performance certificates (EPC) can be produced.

When should I have SAP calculations done?

The sooner the better! Overall energy performance of a building is heavily dictated by structural elements of the construction. It is much easier and cheaper to detect and rectify problems at the beginning of a project than the end.

Want to know more?

Information on the standard assessment procedure (sap) can be found within Building Regs part L1a. It also contains information on air leakage testing, building fabric improvements and calculating energy cost of a building over 12 months.

If you’re designing New builds, extensions or conversions you’ll need sap calculations; Peak Acoustics are here to help you move quickly and easily through the process.Our experienced sap assessors can guarantee your project will pass building regulations, and can even offer a 48 hour turnaround on request.

Our all-in service includes everything you need from design sap & PEA (predicted energy assessment), to final as-built sap and epc (energy performance certificate)

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